Winter Indoor 2017/18

Stay tuned for info about the 2018/2019 indoor season coming soon!

The days have once again grown shorter, colder, and wetter so what better way to stay active and have a great time with an awesome group of people than with some warm and dry indoor Frisbee action?!?

WHEN: Every Sunday night from 5:00 to 7:00 PM (except December 25th)
HOW LONG: December 4th until March 5th (13 weeks)
WHERE: Horizon Christian School, 700 Pacific Ave, Hood River, OR 97031
COST:  $30 for the season or $5 per night
WHAT TO BRING: A white and black shirt, water bottle, and non-marking athletic shoes
The cost this year is $30 for the season (which is a bargain at a little over $2/night) or $5 each night.  As always, your first night is free if you want to come check it out and try out indoor.  As we can have large turnouts, you must bring your money and pay upfront so paying players get playing time.  Its only fair.  However, if money is an issue, talk to me and we can work something out.
IMPORTANT INFO:  This year we are lucky to be back at the Horizon School gym, which is the best gym for indoor in the Gorge.  Seriously, its awesome!   In order to comply with Horizon requests, we have to keep the front doors locked at all times.  Therefore, when you arrive, you will need to ring the door bell on the wall to the right of the front doors. Someone will come let you in. Its also important that you change into your playing shoes at the gym as opposed to wearing them there to keep the wear and tear on their gym floor to a minimum.  Please follow these requests to ensure we stay in good favor with Horizon for future use!
Hope to see you In there! 

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